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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to learn hacking from scratch ?

Ethical Hacking is a big term. It is not a field which can be covered in just few months. It is a very wide field in which the knowledge is endless.
How to learn hacking from scratch ?
So if we talk about starting in this field then first of all you should have knowledge of basic concepts of
1-Scripting Languages(PHP/Ruby/Javascript/Python etc)
2-Networking(Basic concept is minimum requirement)

If you have all these things with you then you can start in this field. Now Ethical hacking/Cyber security/Information Security is mainly have these major parts.
1-Web Application Penetration Testing and Security.
2-Network Penetration Testing and Security.
3-Android Penetration Testing and Security.
A lot of another fields are also there but these are the major domain for Startup. As per my experience if you want to go with Web Application Penetration Testing and Security then start learning HTML/Javascript/PHP or any other scripting language.Apart from this start learning OWASP and start Bug Hunting. From this you will get an experience about working on live projects and to earn money and Fame also.
To check the bug bounty programs by major companies visit the below links.

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