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Saturday, October 24, 2015

How to Turn Off your Facebook Video Autoplay ?

You all have viewed that the Facebook now playing videos whenever you hover on them. Facebook also gives you money to share video, only if the video gets so many views.It Sounds like Facebook now competing with YouTube after killing Orkut.

Whatever the matter is the main problem for me and I think for many of you is that the videos are starting even if we don’t want. This is annoying. So, I am going to tell you some methods by which you can turn off the auto play videos and can play only when you want.

For PC

1.    Go to the top Facebook bar and click on the drop down button.
How to Turn Off your Facebook Video Autoplay ?

2.  Now click on the Settings.

3.  You will find an option Videos in the right side menu at the end.

4.   Click on the Videos option you will find a page like as above.

5.   Now choose whether you want to turn on or off the video from the options.

6.   That’s it. After that whenever you will visit Facebook the videos won’t play automatically if you don’t till you click on the play button.

1.     Open the Facebook App

2.   Click on your phone’s Menu button

3.   Click on Settings

4.   Scroll Down and click on Auto-play

5.   Choose an option and you done.

For iPhone or iPad

1.     Go to your Phone or Tablet’s settings

2.   Scroll down and click on Facebook

3.   Click on settings

4.   Then, click on Video auto-play

5.   Now choose an option and you all done.

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