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Saturday, July 11, 2015

How to download Torrents file with IDM

Nowadays everyone  use torrents to download things from internet, Torrents are really a best of downloading by resuming them, we can download files with higher speed if our torrent has more SEEDS, and generally that is why people prefer downloading the torrents with high number of SEEDS. Undoubtfully torrents are the best sources to download files from internet, but the only irritating part of torrents is, the Downloading speed. We often come across situations where the torrent downloading speed will be way less than our normal downloading speed, due to less number of SEEDS, Here comes a solution for it, IDM is one the world’s most fastest Downloading manager available in the internet. What if we download  torrents with IDM software?? Interesting isn’t it??
Yes we can download Torrents with IDM so that we can get maximum downloading speed even if the torrents has less number of seeds. There are many online sites to download torrents with IDM, I thought to post an article regarding the best online sources available to download torrents with IDM and here it goes. In the post I mentioned about 4 best sites to download torrents using IDM. Just Go through them and pick one of your choice.

How  to download Torrents file with IDM

1. Zbigz - Torrent to IDM downloader

Zbigz is most widely used online site to download torrents using IDM, It provides both Free and Premium service. You can download files even by using free subscription but premium subscriptions will provide you few more facilities in addition. There is a downloading limit of 8 GB for the free users and for premium users it is almost unlimited. You can even download the files anonymously from anywhere. It don’t charge much for the premium users, its just 10 $ per account for subscription of a month. First you need to provide the torrent link or you can upload the torrent file. After that, it will take some time to convert it and then you can download it using IDM, if IDM is not installed you can even download it using your browsers default downloader. Downloading speed will be high when compared to the torrent as the IDM tries to get maximum downloading speed.

2. Torrenthandler – Torrents with IDM downloader

TorrentHandler is also a cool online source to download the torrents. Here you should browse the torrent from MININOVA torrent site, which handles many torrent and you can locate any torrent from there. You can even upload and provide a link of torrent and after that it will create a CACHE of it which will let you to download the file using any of your downloading managers. There is not files and bandwidth size limit in here to download torrents. It’s almost unlimited.

3. PUT.io  – Torrent to IDM downloader

Though the services provided by this are awesome, you can use this site for free, For now it allows only premium users to download torrents using IDM and The Bandwidth provided for Premium users it nearly equal to 1TB.

4. Boxopus– Torrents using IDM downloader

Boxopus is lets you to download torrents to your Dropbox directly, even you can download the torrent using IDM if you wish. This works same like the previous shown sites. We should provide link or upload a torrent file and BOXOPUS will create a CACHE and we can download it instantly. The CACHE will be even stored, which helps us to download the torrent file even after some time using IDM.

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