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Sunday, July 5, 2015

How to copy files from a locked Computer

Every person store some important files on their computer/Laptop. But sometimes we people forget the password of our computer system,Laptop etc.Then what about our important files..
Oopppsss!!!! Big Problem Ever.But don't worry I am here to help you out from this problem.So in this post i am going to explain you  "How to copy files from a locked Computer".
So here we are going to use a smart way or a technique mostly used
by ethical hackers. First of all  I want to make everyone clear that Ethical hacking is not the hacking that most of us are expecting, ethical hacking is the process of hacking something for ethical or legit purposes rather than to harm anyone else or do anything bad.
How to copy files from a locked Computer

So Lets Begin...
1- A USB  drive or a blank CD. (with 500 MB Free Space)
2- A Computer that is Locked.
Another computer with Internet access.
5- This Tutorial
So if you have these things ready with you, continue to this tutorial.

First of all  go to
 and download the latest ISO file available for download.
(It is only about 130 MB in size)

How to copy files from a locked Computer

Then go to http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ and get the software, and install it.

 Now burn the iso image you downloaded to the usb drive you have using the software you just downloaded.

Then plug in the usb to your locked computer and boot your pc using the usb disk.

How to copy files from a locked Computer 
 Then you will have Puppy Linux loaded in your pc. Then mount the file system and copy all the files from your pc to your usb.


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