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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How to secure your computer password from hackers.

Nowadays hacking is a very big issue in world. Basically hacking is nothing  but  the process of exploiting vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to systems.I think nothing is 100% secure in the IT world.Because if we find a solution for any problem then ,in every instance of time a new hacking technique might be generated.So nobody  can claim that we can provide 100% security.
In this computer world everyone face problem about hacking.Most of the people facing problem about  their computer password.Nowadays computer password easily get hacked due to lack of knowledge of computer security.Most of the users are not aware about these types of issue so it may be very dangerous , because private details,documents,credit/debit card details, email password may be accessed if somebody enters into your computer.So its very important o secure your computer/Laptop password.
How to secure your computer password from hackers.

In this article I will guide you ,”How to secure your computer password from hacker”.After reading this article and implementing these techniques you can make your computer 99% secure. Again 100% security can not be claimed.
So just use these techniques to secure your computer password.
First of all I will suggest you to use these 5 types of password in your system.
1-BIOS Password
2-Hard drive Password
3- Syskey Password
4- Windows Login Password
5- Local Drive Password.
These are 5 types of password you can use in your system But  it makes your computer safe till no hacker s are there. Because Some of these password can be easily hacked by a hacker.
But don’t worry here I am going to give you some special tips which will make your computer very secure.Because some of the techniques I am giving can’t be breached by a hacker.

How to secure your computer password from hackers.

Tip 1 : Use Windows login Password.

Computer Security Level:  30%
This is the very common type of password .I hope everyone use this password.But let me make you clear that this password is very vulnerable. Any hacker or noob can crack this password within seconds.
So this is not a good practice to use this password  only.Now I will come to the next tip.

Tip 2 : Use Windows login Password +  BIOS Password.

Computer Security Level:  40%

I wrote in tips 1 that login password can be hacked by many methods but each of the nedd to have access in computer from USB,CD/DVD drive or any other media.But if we disable these usb ports/CD/DVD drive from BIOS and put BIOS password then no doubt the first attacking method can be eliminated.
Some of smart users use BIOS password and think that their computer is very secure.But again it is just a myth.because BIOS password can be hacked easily.So this techniques don’t make your computer secure.
Basically BIOS password is very simple to break by removing the cell only.So still your computer is only 40% secure.Now come to third tip.

Tip 3 : Use Windows login Password +  BIOS Password + Use Syskey Password.

Computer Security Level:  50%
Basically our system password is stored in a SAM file in our system and it is stored in system database in the form of hash.Syskey protect this database in system.So we can also use this password to secure the system.

Tip 4 : Use Windows login Password +  BIOS Password + Use Syskey Password+ Local drive password.

Computer Security Level:  70%

Suppose if a hacker also bypass Login password,BIOS password,and syskey password then we have another solution for it.Which makes our computer 70% secure.
We should use Local drive password like Bit locker in windows.If somebody hacke your computer password and access your computer then Local drive password will protect your private documents.Because we put our documents in a local drive and we have used Localdrive password so its very difficult to break all these password.But in this case I will suggest you to put all of your important documents in the locked local drive.

Tip 5 : Use Windows login Password +  BIOS Password + Use Syskey Password+ Local drive      password+ Hard drive password..

Computer Security Level:  99%

After implementing all type of password given In tip5 I can say your computer password is 99% secure.
Because if we use Hard drive password then Nobody can enter into your system without hard drive password.Because  we need to enter hard drive password just after BIOS password.
And if anyone don’t enter hard drive password then Operating system will be unable to start and if operating system don’t get start then nobody can use your system and your data also.
So after using all these 5 types of password you can say that your computer is 99% secure.

So stay tunned for next article:-“How to secure your Email/Facebook  password from hackers.”

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