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Thursday, September 10, 2015

How to bypass captcha verification in any Website.

Have you been ever faced a CAPTCHA test? It’s frustrating and annoying. If you have to fill in the form again and again. It is a very difficult and challenging for a sighted person. 
Most of the websites uses Captcha  verification to restrict entry to bots for improving the security of the website and from automated registrations. But sometimes these captcha codes become hard to read even by humans and becomes more time consuming activity.Because it is very frustrating and annoying task.
So I am here with a post to explain you, How to bypass captcha verification in any Website.After reading this post you will be able to bypass captcha verification of any website.

How to bypass captcha verification in any Website.

Rumola  add-on will be helpful in this situation which which will help you to bypass the captcha verification and fill captcha automatically.

You can do this job by following these simple steps.

 1- Open an account at Rumola. (you’ll get 10 free trials at registration) 
How to bypass captcha verification in any Website.

 2- Install the add-on for respective browsers from below
  For Chrome :Here(https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/bjjgbdlbgjeoankjijbmheneoekbghcg)
  For Firefox : Here(http://skipinput.com/files/mozilla.htm)
  For Safari : Here(http://safariaddons.com/addon/134/)

3-After installing these addons you will able to see an icon of this addons in your browser.
4-Whenever you open a website which have captcha,this will automatically check page for captcha and fill the captcha.
5-So enjoy this technique to save your time.

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