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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Online Photo Editing Websites.

Nowadays everybody wants to edit and add effects in our photos. So, if you want to edit your photos, here are some websites that will help you to edit your photos online for free of cost.
This article have a list of free websites to edit your photos online. Some websites contain advance features like doodle, distortion, retouch and many more features.
Online Photo Editing Websites.

The top 5 free websites to edit your photos online are as follows :

This is a free website by which you can easily collage your photos. To use this website you need Adobe Flash Player.There are many templates given on this website select any one of them, add your photo to the selected template and then customize it as you want. Enjoy this free and easy website to collage your pictures.

Loonapix is a free photo online editing service. You can make your photos funny and unique here by using loonapic effect or embed your face from the photo to various templates. You can also add photo frame to your photos and can trim it too. It makes your photo funny and unique and will make your photo more attractive.

Here is another free website where you can edit your photo online. On this website you can do various things with your photograph and share it with your friends. Here you can resize or crop your images, add text to your GIF images, make your own GIF, add boarder to the image, can merge the photos, overlay the images, add round corner to your images, create your own twinkling star animation, make your image sharp with cut out tools, you can also convert, sharpen, reduce the size of GIF images and etc.

This website is the world’s most advanced online image editor. It edits your photo and makes it more effective and attractive through advance features. You can also add different doodle to your photo for fun and share it with your friends and close ones. There are more advance features like distortion, retouch, layer and many more. For more information visit this website and make your photos more attractive and effective.

It is  a free online photo editor website. It contains different photo editing features like doodle, whiten teeth, fix red eye, spirit level, and fill light and many more. With this website you can also enhance your photos. There are many more interesting features like flip horizontal, flip vertical, rotate tool and etc which add effect to your photos and make it more attractive. Visit this website now and enjoy these interesting features on your photos.
 Some other websites which are not used by me but have good features and you may find these websites useful for you so i decided to share this collection with you.


















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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Why Linux is Secure than Windows ?

Many times  people claim that Linux is much more secure than Windows or Linux is very secure. 
But what are the features in Linux that makes it secure than Windows or any other Operating System.
Why Linux is Secure than Windows ?

Here I  am going to tell you  some of the security features which I know in Linux and believe that these points plays an important role to make much more secure wall all around the Linux Operating System.
1. Execshield
ExecShield is designed to prevent security breaches caused by software programs written to crawl
through the Internet looking for systems with common vulnerabilities such as worms and viruses. It is enabled in the kernel and works in a way that is non intrusive to the user.

Its goal is not to defend against the expert hacker who has broken into your local network or an employee inside the company who already has access to parts of the network instead its goal is to prevent against intruders using scripts that look for vulnerabilities in the way a program running with root privileges is written.
2. SElinux (Security Enhanced Linux)
SELinux is an implementation of a flexible mandatory access control architecture in the Linux operating system.  The SELinux architecture provides general support for the enforcement of many kinds of  mandatory  access control  policies,including those based on the concepts of Type Enforcement(R), Role- Based Access Control, and Multi-Level Security.

SELinux can potentially control which activities a system allows each user, process and daemon, with very precise specifications. However, it is mostly used to confine daemons like database engines or web servers that have more clearly-defined data access and activity rights. This limits potential harm from a confined daemon that becomes compromised. Ordinary user-processes often run in the unconfined domain, not restricted by SELinux but still restricted by the classic Linux access rights.
3. IPtables
With the enhanced features available with the IPtables you can implement a greater level of security for your Linux machine.

IPtables  is used to set up, maintain, and inspect the tables of IP packet filter rules in the Linux kernel.  Several different tables may be defined.  Each table contains a number of built-in chains and may also contain user-defined chains.

Each chain is a list of rules which can match a set of packets.  Each rule specifies what to do with a packet that matches.   This  is called a 'target', which may be a jump to a user-defined chain in the same table.

4. PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules)
Linux-PAM is a system of libraries that handle the authentication tasks of applications (services) on the system.  The principal feature of the PAM approach is that the nature of the authentication is dynamically configurable. In other words, the system administrator is free to choose how individual service-providing applications will authenticate users.

Linux-PAM separates the tasks of authentication into four independent management groups: account management; authentication management; password management; and session management.

account - provide account verification types of service: has the user's password expired?; is this user permitted access to the requested service?

authentication - authenticate a user and set up user credentials. Typically this is via some challenge-response request that the user must satisfy: if you are who you claim to be please enter your password.

password - this group's responsibility is the task of updating authentication mechanisms. Typically, such services are strongly coupled to those of the auth group. Some authentication mechanisms lend themselves well to being updated with such a function. Standard UN*X password-based access is the obvious example: please enter a replacement password.

session - this group of tasks cover things that should be done prior to a service being given and after it is withdrawn. Such tasks include the maintenance of audit trails and the mounting of the user's home directory. The session management group is important as it provides both an opening and closing hook for modules to affect the services available to a user.
5. Audit
The 2.6 Linux kernel has the ability to log events such as system calls and file access. These logs can then be reviewed by the administrator to determine possible security breaches such as failed login attempts or a user failing to access system files. This functionality, called the Linux Auditing System.

auditd  is  the  userspace component to the Linux Auditing System. It's responsible for writing audit records to the disk. Viewing the logs is done with the ausearch or aureport utilities. Configuring the audit rules is done with the auditctl utility.  During  startup, the  rules  in  /etc/audit/audit.rules are read by auditctl.

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

How to download Torrents file with IDM

Nowadays everyone  use torrents to download things from internet, Torrents are really a best of downloading by resuming them, we can download files with higher speed if our torrent has more SEEDS, and generally that is why people prefer downloading the torrents with high number of SEEDS. Undoubtfully torrents are the best sources to download files from internet, but the only irritating part of torrents is, the Downloading speed. We often come across situations where the torrent downloading speed will be way less than our normal downloading speed, due to less number of SEEDS, Here comes a solution for it, IDM is one the world’s most fastest Downloading manager available in the internet. What if we download  torrents with IDM software?? Interesting isn’t it??
Yes we can download Torrents with IDM so that we can get maximum downloading speed even if the torrents has less number of seeds. There are many online sites to download torrents with IDM, I thought to post an article regarding the best online sources available to download torrents with IDM and here it goes. In the post I mentioned about 4 best sites to download torrents using IDM. Just Go through them and pick one of your choice.

How  to download Torrents file with IDM

1. Zbigz - Torrent to IDM downloader

Zbigz is most widely used online site to download torrents using IDM, It provides both Free and Premium service. You can download files even by using free subscription but premium subscriptions will provide you few more facilities in addition. There is a downloading limit of 8 GB for the free users and for premium users it is almost unlimited. You can even download the files anonymously from anywhere. It don’t charge much for the premium users, its just 10 $ per account for subscription of a month. First you need to provide the torrent link or you can upload the torrent file. After that, it will take some time to convert it and then you can download it using IDM, if IDM is not installed you can even download it using your browsers default downloader. Downloading speed will be high when compared to the torrent as the IDM tries to get maximum downloading speed.

2. Torrenthandler – Torrents with IDM downloader

TorrentHandler is also a cool online source to download the torrents. Here you should browse the torrent from MININOVA torrent site, which handles many torrent and you can locate any torrent from there. You can even upload and provide a link of torrent and after that it will create a CACHE of it which will let you to download the file using any of your downloading managers. There is not files and bandwidth size limit in here to download torrents. It’s almost unlimited.

3. PUT.io  – Torrent to IDM downloader

Though the services provided by this are awesome, you can use this site for free, For now it allows only premium users to download torrents using IDM and The Bandwidth provided for Premium users it nearly equal to 1TB.

4. Boxopus– Torrents using IDM downloader

Boxopus is lets you to download torrents to your Dropbox directly, even you can download the torrent using IDM if you wish. This works same like the previous shown sites. We should provide link or upload a torrent file and BOXOPUS will create a CACHE and we can download it instantly. The CACHE will be even stored, which helps us to download the torrent file even after some time using IDM.

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7 Most Important Addons for Ethical Hackers & Pentesters

Nowadays Ethical Hacking and Pentesting is one of the interested topic for every youngester who loves computer and want to become a Ethical hacker or we can say computer expert.First of all i want to make you clear about Ethical hacking,Ethical hacking is not a crime like somebody think about it.If we use our knowledge for bad purposes then we can say it is hacking but mostly it is all about to secure information of yours and any organisation/company.
I will recommend you to always use Mozilla Firefox for Web App Pentesting & to use all these addons.

7 Most Important Addons for Ethical  Hackers & Pentesters

1- Tamper Data
Tamper Data is one of the most useful Addons for Pentesters it is used to view and modify HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters.Trace and time HTTP response or requests. Security test web applications by modifying POST parameters and Much More.

2- Hack Bar
Hack Bar is one of the Best & Most wanted Simple security audit / Penetration test tool. Very Strongly Recommended you to Install & very useful. Useful in XSS, SQL Encoding/Decoding - MD5, SH1, Base64, Hexing, Splitting etc.
Download & Install ?(https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/hackbar/)

3- Live HTTP Headers
Live HTTP Headers is little bit same as Tamper Data but with great difference and art of working & Viewing HTTP headers of a page while browsing. It most comes use to Inject XSS Payloads & get many information of website plugins,CSS,Javascript & HTML content.
Download & Install ?(https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/live-http-headers/)

4- User Agent Switcher
The User Agent Switcher extension adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of a browser. It can help you changing the User Agent to IE, Search Robots, I-Phone (I-OS), or you can also create your own User Agent. we've also Posted How to discover XSS through HTTP Header Injection & there we used User Agent Swithcer.
Download & Install ?(https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/user-agent-switcher/)

5- Cookie Manager+
Cookies manager to view, edit and create, Inject Cookies etc. It also shows extra information about cookies, allows edit multiple cookies at once & backup/restore.
Download & Install ?(https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/cookies-manager-plus/)

6- HTTP-Fox
HttpFox monitors and analyzes all incoming and outgoing HTTP traffic between the browser and the web servers. It aims to bring the functionality known from tools like Http Watch or IE Inspector to the Firefox browser.

Information available per request includes:
- Request and response headers
- Sent and received cookies
- Querystring parameters
- POST parameters
- Response body

Download & Install ?(https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/httpfox/)

7- Passive Recon
PassiveRecon provides information security professionals with the ability to perform "packetless" discovery of target resources utilizing publicly available information. Most Wanted Information Gathering Tool.
Download & Install ?(https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/passiverecon/)

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

How to copy files from a locked Computer

Every person store some important files on their computer/Laptop. But sometimes we people forget the password of our computer system,Laptop etc.Then what about our important files..
Oopppsss!!!! Big Problem Ever.But don't worry I am here to help you out from this problem.So in this post i am going to explain you  "How to copy files from a locked Computer".
So here we are going to use a smart way or a technique mostly used
by ethical hackers. First of all  I want to make everyone clear that Ethical hacking is not the hacking that most of us are expecting, ethical hacking is the process of hacking something for ethical or legit purposes rather than to harm anyone else or do anything bad.
How to copy files from a locked Computer

So Lets Begin...
1- A USB  drive or a blank CD. (with 500 MB Free Space)
2- A Computer that is Locked.
Another computer with Internet access.
5- This Tutorial
So if you have these things ready with you, continue to this tutorial.

First of all  go to
 and download the latest ISO file available for download.
(It is only about 130 MB in size)

How to copy files from a locked Computer

Then go to http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ and get the software, and install it.

 Now burn the iso image you downloaded to the usb drive you have using the software you just downloaded.

Then plug in the usb to your locked computer and boot your pc using the usb disk.

How to copy files from a locked Computer 
 Then you will have Puppy Linux loaded in your pc. Then mount the file system and copy all the files from your pc to your usb.


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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Top websites to search jobs in the world.

Today i am going to share a article with with you which will help you very much.Because this article is about jobs.!!!!
Yes.!! You are at good place if you are a job seeker or going to search a job for you.Every person come in a stage where he/she want a job and search for jobs online,but don't get specific job portals.
So here i am going to provide you a list of top websites to search jobs.
Top websites to search jobs.
These sites are very useful and have multiple features  regarding jobs.Here you can find job with their job description like salary,experience,position and many more.So keep this list with you while searching for a job it will help you to find a better and specific job.

IEEEJob Site  


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