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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Watch Live TV on Your PC Using VLC For Free

In this post i am going to explain you a interesting and very useful trick which will help you to watch live tv on your system for free .For this purpose u need an internet connection and a VLC media player.I hope all of you have VLC media player because VLC media player is one of the famous and featured media player.Many people use it ,beause it is open source.
Watch Live TV on Your PC Using VLC For Free
So Now you can watch free Tv on your pc by just using a VLC player.Here are the steps for watching live tv on your system using VLC media player

Step 1 : First of all you need to have VLC player, if you don’t have vlc player kindly download and install it
Step 2 : Now open Vlc Player, and select streaming option from the media menu present in the menu bar.
Step 3 : Select network option and enter the url of the streaming channel. For example if you want to view B4u Music you need to add url
in the url field and then select play option from the stream drop down menu.

Step 4 : After you click play in the above step, the channel will start streaming and you can watch your favorite channels.
Here is the List of many other channels which you will love to watch
Channel Name  + Link
NDTV rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_33.sdp
NDTV Profit rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_31.sdp
Times Now rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_2.sdp
Aaj Tak rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_4.sdp
CNBC Aawaz rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf1/cid_34.sdp
CNBC TV 18 rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_35.sdp
Headlines Today rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_7.sdp
NDTV 24×7 rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_29.sdp
NK News rtsp://
RAJ News rtsp://
ETV rtsp://
Studio N rtsp://
SVBC rtsp://
Zoo Vision rtsp://stream.zoovision.com/live.sdp
B4u Music rtsp://
iMusic rtsp://
Zee Tamil rtsp://
Zee Kannad rtsp://
Zee Bangla rtsp://
Music Box rtsp://stream.the.sk/live/musicbox/musicbox-3m.3gp
Bella Tv rtsp://
Fashion Tv rtsp://
Adventure rtsp://video3.multicasttech.com/AFTVAdventure3GPP296.sdp
Horror rtsp://video2.multicasttech.com/AFTVHorror3GPP296.sdp
Comedy rtsp://video3.multicasttech.com/AFTVComedy3GPP96.sdp
Classic rtsp://video3.multicasttech.com/AFTVClassics3GPP296.sdp
Crime rtsp://video2.multicasttech.com/AFTVCrime3GPP296.sdp
Mystery rtsp://video2.multicasttech.com/AFTVMystery3GPP296.sdp
Clubbing Tv rtsp:// 

Indian Channels
Note: - The links contains prf0, change prf0 to prf1 or prf2 for better quality but it requires high speed net.


rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_4.sdp –aajtak  (Lowest resolution)

rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf1/cid_4.sdp –aajtak  (Low resolution)

rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_4.sdp –aajtak   (High resolution)

Channel List:

rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_4.sdp –aajtak

rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_2.sdp - times now

rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_7.sdp -headlines today

rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_29.sdp -ndtv 24*7

rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_31.sdp - ndtv profit

rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_32.sdp - ndtv goodtimes

rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_33.sdp - ndtv india

rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf1/cid_34.sdp -cnbc awaaz

rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_35.sdp - cnbc Tv18

rtsp:// - zee business

rtsp:// - zee marathi

rtsp:// -zee tv

rtsp:// - zee regional

rtsp:// - zee regional

rtsp:// - zee regional

rtsp:// - zee regional

rtsp:// - ten action

rtsp:// - etc

rtsp:// - zing

rtsp:// -zee classic

rtsp:// zee smile

High Resolution: High resolution channels require high internet speed. Recommend 512 kbps at least.
SONY TV: rtsp://

ZEE TV: rtsp://

STAR PLUS: rtsp://

ZEE SMILE: rtsp://

SONY SAB TV: rtsp://

SONY SET MAX: rtsp://

9XM: rtsp://ss4c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_93.sdp

B4U REAL MUSIC: rtsp://

ZOOM: rtsp://

STAR ONE: rtsp://

TEN CRICKET: rtsp://

NEO CRICKET: rtsp://

INDIA MUSIC: rtsp://

UTV STARS: rtsp://ss4c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_19.sdp

AAJ TAK: rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_4.sdp

NDTV INDIA: rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_33.sdp

CNBC AWAZ: rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_34.sdp

NDTV 24/7: rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_29.sdp

NDTV PROFIT: rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_31.sdp

NDTV GOOD TIMES: rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_32.sdp

CNBC TV18: rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_35.sdp

TIMES NOW: rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_2.sdp


Low Resolution: Can be watched at speed of 256 kbps

B4U MUSIC: rtsp://

ZING: rtsp://

T SERIES TV: rtsp://

ZOOM TV: rtsp://cdn.m.yupptv.tv/liveorigin/zoomtv1

MTV: rtsp://

9XM JHAKAS: rtsp://



COLORS TV: rtsp://

SAHARA ONE: rtsp://

FILMY: rtsp://

UTV MOVIES: rtsp://

UTV BINDASS: rtsp://

FIRANGI: rtsp://

India TV: rtsp://cdn.m.yupptv.tv/liveorigin/ndtvhindi9003

INDIA TV: rtsp://

IBN 7: rtsp://


DELHI AAJ TAK: rtsp://

TEZ: rtsp://

RAJ MUSIX: rtsp://

DHOOM MUSIC: rtsp://cdn.m.yupptv.tv/liveorigin/dhoommusic9001

DISNEY (HINDI): rtsp://

Cartoon Network: rtsp://

9XM: rtsp://

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