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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How To Start a Blog

Starting a new Blog is little bit confusing because there are lot of platform for creating free blogs.But it is very easy to create a new blog if you have little bit knowledge of internet.
The most popular blog platform available are Blogspot and wordpress which are free of cost.So before starting a new blog we will have a look on Blog terminology
How To Start a Blog

Blog Terminology

Let's start learning about some important terminology:
  • Blog: a website, free or self-hosted, used for writing and publishing short articles. The blogging service offers a variety of blog designs and a friendly interface for creating blog articles.
  • Post: - an individual blog article.
  • Blogger: Blogger is a person who has a blog.
  • Layout or Template: A blog site design style. Templates vary according to color scheme, sidebar location, width, etc.
  • Widget or Gadget: an optional area added to a blog that contains an image, text, or extra functionality.
To start a new blog keep these important things in mind.

  • Finding a blog topic (Title should be specific)
What’s your goal – making money? Showcasing your expertise? Sharing your life experience? Whatever you write about should line up with that goal.
When I start my first blog, I just wanted to write about smartphones and tech gadgets and maybe make a few bucks along the way, so I started there.
You need to LOVE what you write about or you’ll burn out. Try to pick topics that you really like talking about. Blogging should never feel like a chore; your readers will know if you don’t really care.Know a lot about a specific field? Been in an industry for a long time? Chances are, you’ve got a lot of knowledge to share that others would find interesting.
  • Finding The Right Platform
Building a blog used to be pretty complicated. You needed to know HTML (code), CSS, and a bunch of technical junk.
Thanks to platforms, none of that is necessary anymore. A “platform” is just a system that makes adding and editing content super easy and code-free, even if you’re not very technical.
Using a platform like WordPress is as simple as using Microsoft Word!
How To Start a Blog

  • Setting up a blog on your own custom domain name (ex: indiancomputerwizard.com)
Choose a domain name that reflects your style, attitude and subject. You might even choose to use your own name, like indiancomputerwizard.com

  • Choosing a blog layout/theme (with a design you actually like…)
Always use a responsive and user-friendly layout/theme which looks like a professional blog/website and it should be interactive and seo friendlyto get more traffic.
  • Getting more visitors and couple of ways to monetize your blog
There are lots of methods to get more traffic on your blog like facebook group/page posting,google+,twitter.But i would like to recommend SEO to get organic traffic from google.

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