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Monday, June 15, 2015

ASP.Net Page Life Cycle

ASP.NET page goes through number of processing steps which are called as stages of page life cycle.The stages are used when we develop controls to correctly initialize the control and set the control properties and their behavior code.
ASP.Net Page Life Cycle
Various Stages are: 
1.Page Request :- This stage begins before the start stage. In this stage ASP.NET determines that whether the requested page is a fresh page to be compiled or executed or the cached version of the page is present.
2.Start :- In this stage three properties are set which are:
(a) Request :- which is set to true.
(b)Response :-  Which is also set to true.
(c)Ispostback :-  It is set to true if the requested page is the previous page from which the user has come to the current page.
3.  Initialization :- In this stage the various controls present on the page are being initialized by giving them unique ID’s and setting their control properties. If a postback page is requested than its data or controls are not loaded in this stage
4.Load :- In this stage the data and the controls of the postback page is being loaded by taking into account
both the view and control state.
5.Rendering :- In this stage the view state of the page is saved and the render method is called to display the page in the output stream.
6.Unload :- In this stage the request and the response property is again set to false and server cleanup is performed.

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